Ron Twilley Builders, Inc.
Experience the "hands on" difference with Ron Twilley, a builder that believes a man's handshake and a promise still mean something!
My husband and I have known Ron Twilley and his family for over 14 years and I can honestly tell you that if you want to have a person who will give you 100% of his ability, heart and sweat to give you a house that you can make a home, then you need to talk with Ron Twilley. Not only will you have a fine house but also you will have friends for life.

Doug and Kay Taylor

"Ron has always impressed us with his attention to detail.  Anyone can put together a vague big picture...Ron makes sure that each step is done the best way possible, which results in a superior finished product." Brian and Carroll

"AS I've told everyone I know, I absolutely love my Ron Twilley-built home.  Everything I wanted done - even last second decisions - were taken care of.  It was such a pleasure working with soneone of  Ron's honesty and character on the construction of my retirement home.  As I told my dad, I will only leave here one of two ways - either to a nursing home or to the grave." Diane Motes

"We have had the priveledge of helping Ron on residential construction projects for years, trying to help him comply with the State and Federal environmental regulations.  Quite frankly, we do not know of a more straight up guy to work for, and some one who means it when he says "I'll do the right thing".  As you know, we have literally monitored your home building projects from the ground up, start to finish, on quite a few sites for over more than 7 years.  With respect to environmental requirements, Ron has always done his best to be in compliance and do this in an intelligent, balanced way, that is quite rare.  Ron and you both are no-nonsense, do-what-you-say, knowledgable, genuine, freindly people, and we have a lot of respect for both of you.  From every business dealing we know of, you both treat others as you would like to be treated in every way, i.e fairly and honestly.  There are plenty of good home builders out there, and we have helped quite a few of them with their projects.  But we sincerely think you two are at the top of the list when it comes to character, besides the fact that you know what you are doing.   You and Ron have a lot of experience and build some very fine homes. "  Joe Taylor Engineering

"I personally have had only very positive experiences with Ron.  He is a very conscientious and fair person.  He is always a pleasure to work with.  If I ever build again, Ron will most definitely be my builder!
Debbie Presley

"I've known Ronnie for the last 20 yrs , he's a very honest , reliable, hard working business man, family man and takes a lot of pride in his family and business.  I have had the pleasure of Insuring the homes he has built for many years, and let me tell you they are of  excellent quality .  I have also had the opportunity of  talking to some of the buyers of Ronnie's houses ,they have been very pleased with  his dedication of building a quality  home as well as his sincere dedication to pleasing the customer and standing true to his word.   

I also have a family member he has built a beautiful home for who was extremely pleased with his work and could depend on him throughout the duration of completion .
In my opinion, you will be completely satisfied for many years in  one of Ronnie's homes. " 
Tammy Shreves
State Farm Ins.

I am currently in the process of having a home built by Ron Twilley.  It has been an unbelieveable experience so far.  Everything that he said he was going to do, he has done with no questions asked.  He is a builder who not only oversees his jobsite, but actually does some things himself, just to make sure it is correct.  The speed at which he gets things accomplished is an amazing feat in itself.  Every house I build from this point forward will be built by Ron Twilley, and every recomendation I give will be for Ron Twilley. 
-Brandon Dean


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